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Day 87: June 3, 2024

The Witness: Day 87 of Jimmy Lai’s Trial | Defense Says Lai Not Feeling Well. Judges Postpone Trial

Jimmy Lai, founder of Next Digital and three related companies of Apple Daily, is charged with “conspiracy to collude with foreign forces,” among other offenses. The case resumed on its 87th day at the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts (acting as the High Court) on Monday, with the prosecution continuing to play complete segments of Lai’s interviews.

At the start of the hearing, senior barrister Robert Pang indicated that Jimmy Lai was trembling and feeling unwell. Judge Esther Toh asked if Lai had seen a doctor. Pang noted that Lai had consulted a doctor the previous night and had been prescribed pain medication. Toh further inquired if Lai needed further examination, to which the prosecution mentioned they would discuss arrangements with the police and correctional services. The hearing was adjourned until Tuesday.

During the court session, Lai managed to raise his hand to give instructions to his defense team and was able to walk to the holding cell on his own at the end of the session, without needing support, and waved to the public gallery.

The case is presided over by judges appointed under the National Security Law: Esther Toh, Susana D’Almada Remedios, and Alex Lee. Representing the prosecution are Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Anthony Chau, Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Ivan Cheung, and Senior Counsel Crystal Chan. Jimmy Lai is represented by senior barrister Robert Pang, barrister Steven Kwan, and Marc Corlett, a New Zealand barrister with practicing rights in Hong Kong.

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